Covid-19 Notice: All participants, including current and prospective members, must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask to auditions, rehearsals, and performances. Proof of vaccination status must be presented to leadership.


Rehearsal Schedule

Symphony rehearsals are held twice a week 7-9:30PM in Bellevue for the two weeks leading up to the Combined Rehearsals. Combined rehearsals are typically the two weekday evenings prior to a concert from 7-10PM.


Auditions are required for entry into the symphony. All adults 18 years or older are invited to audition.

Symphony auditions are ongoing throughout the season.


Symphony Members do not pay for music but are expected to provide their own wardrobe.

During "O Divine Redeemer" at rehearsal... I looked up from my reading because I was taken aback [by] the sound. It was like listening to a recording of the piece on the Tabernacle Choir albums!

Being a community in harmony benefits all of us.

Julie Hughes, VP Symphony



If you are interested in auditioning please complete the form below and we will contact you for a time and place to audition.  See the links for audition excerpts and rehearsal schedule.

Ensign Symphony is thrilled to include participants from many other local performing ensembles.  For ease of scheduling, please review the Rehearsal Schedule.


Flute – section

Oboe – section

Clarinet – Assistant Principal / section

Trumpet – PRINCIPAL and section

Percussion – section

Violin – section

Viola – section

Cello – PRINCIPAL and section

Bass – PRINCIPAL and section

*All positions open for substitute musicians

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