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The Ensign Symphony & Chorus fills a unique space in the panoramic performing arts scene of the Puget Sound region. Nearly 150 singers and instrumentalists perform a broad repertoire of joyous music in the tradition of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, BBC Symphony Chorus and Westminster Symphonic Choir. Ensign’s mission is to bless and uplift audiences in the greater Puget Sound region through professional quality performances of inspiring sacred and secular music.

Led by Dr. Kenneth Owen, rigorously auditioned Ensign musicians (many with their own impressive soloist credits) infuse life-long university, church, and community ensemble training with a passion that is profoundly moving. Concerts for Ensign Symphony & Chorus are held in Seattle’s world-class Benaroya Hall. Auditions for the Symphony & Chorus are open to any who wish to share their talents to support the mission of the organization.

All members of Ensign Symphony & Chorus are volunteers including the Conductors, the Board of Directors, the Presidency, and the musicians. Ensign Symphony & Chorus is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Music that matters

Since opening in 1998, Benaroya Hall in Downtown Seattle boasts world-renowned, technology-infused acoustics that are designed intentionally for symphonies and choirs. The pairing of the 4,490-pipe Watjen Concert Organ, one of the foremost concert organs in the world, makes for an incredible listening experience.  With 2,500 seating capacity this is a great location for us to perform in. Ensign Symphony & Chorus is proud to have Benaroya Hall as its home venue.

world renowned venue
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Rob Archibald, M.M. believes that music has the power to uplift and inspire musician and audience alike to become better. Through his efforts founding and conducting Portland Ensign Choir & Orchestra, Westside Community & Youth Orchestra and numerous other church and community musical events, Mr. Archibald finds joy in bringing uplifting, professional quality music to audience members. He has conducted large ensembles in major works such as Beethoven’s 9th, Faure’s Requiem and more, as well as smaller groups performing tight harmonies, rich cluster chords and challenging rhythms. No matter the size of the ensemble, and no matter the music, performers and audience alike love the way Mr. Archibald brings the Spirit to his music.

Mr. Archibald received his Masters in Choral and Orchestral Conducting from Portland State University in 2010. He is an avid student of conducting and has traveled to various parts of the U.S. and Canada to work with Craig Jessop (Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square), Dumitru Goia (Moldova National Opera and Ballet Theater), Jon Washburn (Vancouver [B.C.] Chamber Choir), Anton Armstrong (St. Olaf College) and others. Most recently, Mr. Archibald studied with Gregory Vajda, Resident Conductor of the Oregon Symphony. He is a firm believer that there is always more to learn and continually seeks to further develop his conducting skills.

As a performer, Mr. Archibald excels as both a singer and an instrumentalist. He has sung from tenor to bass in university, community and church choirs and has been featured as a soloist throughout his musical career. He is sought after as a choral singer in community and church gigs for his musicianship and professionalism. As an instrumentalist, Mr. Archibald loves to learn and is having fun developing proficiency in each instrument family in the orchestra. So far he has learned oboe and percussion (mallets, snare, timpani) and has enjoyed playing each in a community orchestra for several years. He is now learning to play the cello and is excited to play the horn next.

Mr. Archibald and his wife Jacki are the proud parents of 5 boys.




Singer & Composer

David Archuleta became a star when he was just 16. In 2008 more than 30 million television viewers fell in love with his angelic voice and their 44 million votes made him runner-up in Season 7 of “American Idol.”

Nathan Pacheco -01.png




Nathan Pacheco is a classically trained tenor who has a passion for reaching out and uplifting people through music. He has been featured globally in live performances and tours including performing with many symphonies and orchestras around the US.

Jenny Oaks Baker.png




Grammy nominated artist Jenny Oaks Baker has graced our stage twice, once with our full ensemble and once in a special Ensign Symphony performance. She is one of America’s most beloved and accomplished violinists.

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Pianist, Violinist, Composer

Jennifer Thomas is an award winning American pianist, violinist, composer, performing artist, and recording artist. She is equally well known for her classical covers and her original compositions.

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