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Rehearsal Schedule

We perform four main concerts per season, and our seasons run from late August until late June (or sometimes early July). Chorus rehearsals are held every Thursday evening from 7-9:30PM on Mercer Island . Combined rehearsals with the Symphony are typically the two weekday evenings immediately prior to a concert from 7-10PM, and they are held in Bellevue.


Auditions are required for entry into the Chorus. All adults 18 years or older are invited to audition.

Chorus auditions are held every  August and January.

The next auditions will be held Thursday, January 25, 2024 at 7:00pm.

4001 Island Crest Way

Mercer Island, WA 98040


Chorus members pay an annual music fee of $100. Performance attire and jewelry are approximately $250 for the women's wardrobe and $325 for the men's wardrobe (shoes, hosiery, foundations, etc. are additional).  New items may occasionally be added to the wardrobe during any season for a maximum cost of $150 per season.

Rehearsals are a respite from the difficulties that we all experience in our lives. Performances are an opportunity to provide our audiences with an interval of relief through which we share Christ's pure love woven into uplifting, high quality music. These gifts are an immeasurable blessing in my life.

Renée Smart, VP Chorus



If you are interested in auditioning please complete the form below and we will contact you for a time and place to audition.  Our friendly audition process includes the following:

  • Sing without accompaniment a hymn or prepared solo

  • Sight singing / tonal memory evaluation

  • Sing simple scales to establish vocal range


Judges are usually comprised of experienced choral conductors, assistant conductors, and section leaders.  Sometimes auditions are audio-recorded so that final review can be made by the Music Director.

While the results of an audition are confidential, not being accepted into Ensign is not an indication of your abilities.  Often, space is not available for your vocal part.  In fact, soprano and alto voices are encouraged to bring a tenor or bass counterpart voice to audition to ensure better available balance.

Request a Chorus Audition

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