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We are pleased to begin our blog again and hope you will enjoy reading about upcoming events, inspirational stories, blessings received through music, our guest artists, and stories from behind the scenes. Please look for messages from our Conductors, Symphony and Chorus members, board and audience members and perhaps even some words from our youth chorus too.

Our March 9th concert brought reflection and wisdom of Holding On! during everyday life and the very real struggles we all encounter. Seattle Ensign Symphony and Chorus performed three selections by composer Rob Gardener that provided the audience and the musicians with tender encouragement that God and Christ are the healers of our often broken souls, hearts, and minds. It is through their kindness that hearts are softened, storms stopped, near misses occur, lost dogs found, a child’s fever reduced, forgiveness is offered, or a weeping heart soothed. Sadly, in our world today God’s grace and help is overlooked or discounted altogether. When all feels lost, many cry out to our God over and over again and His kindness is not stayed, but being so very human we easily forget that answers have come time and time again or perhaps even more likely we don’t even recognize the balm He has offered us.

Seattle Ensign chorus soprano, Diana Schill reminded us each to find gratitude for our God and all He offers us by singing Gloria (My Savior Lives), words and music by Rob Gardener. Her performance was so authentic, vulnerable and clear, an immediate standing ovation was offered by our audience. Bridgette Pierce and Ella Fish wove their complimentary voices together in a rich duet singing, When You Believe words and music by Stephen Schwartz offering words of, “Who knows what miracles you can achieve? When you believe somehow you will. You will when you believe.”

All in attendance were graced to enjoy the Seattle Ensign Youth Chorus conducted by Sheila Bateman. It was said that their voices rang out loud and clear when all members sang an energetic new take of Amazing Grace by John Newton arranged by Brett Stewart & Brandon Stewart. While learning this piece many members of the Ensign chorus were not instant fans of the arrangement. However, when the symphony, chorus and youth chorus combined it was evident that the arrangement was so much more than anyone anticipated. The message sought to reach each participant and offer a reminder that His grace is sufficient for all.

In our limited human perspective perhaps at times we have a fixed mindset that God doesn't want to answer us or maybe we question whether He hears our prayers. It is possible that we feel frustrated and wonder why prayers can't be answered on demand! When we are quiet, and wait with patience His words remind us, "In a moment my child." In God’s moment, He answers.

Seattle Ensign thanks all who participated in Hold On! The night was filled with reminders that our God is trusted and so very near, when we just Hold On!

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